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I separated my website into 2, I moved the gardening, butterflies, making charcoal at home, grow lights, and gardening for cats, to

hull is painted

Hull is painted

Hull paint is drying, next I need to turn it over and start finishing the topside.

What is that boat called? A dictionary on types of boats

Boat types and names are confusing, here is an attempt at figuring out what was what. This page is the result on my own notes trying to figure out different types of boats. It's a bit clearer now.

metal shoes installed

Finished and Installed metal strips on skegs

These will add another layer of protection for the skegs. I have a lot of rocks and shallow areas to deal with and this will help.

Too much epoxy to matrix ratio weakens a composite

Weight for weight, the greater the % of epoxy to your composite, the weaker it will be.

It's Springtime and the Dogs and Cats will be spending more time outside. It's time to start treating everyone for fleas and ticks.

I've added a couple of gardening pages to my gardening site.

starting seeds

What is a hybrid?

What is a hybrid, are they better than regular seeds, are hybrids GMO?

starting seeds

What seeds need to germinate

What do seeds need to come up quickly and produce healthy seedlings. Why are some seed so difficult to grow? This article looks at some regular and some exceptional requirements for seed germination.

I don't usually allow guest speakers on my website but I made an exception. It's a great project. He's the kind of teacher I would have liked to have.

building a pirate racer

Springhouse Community School build a Bolger Pirate Racer

He includes a Kickstarter appeal, throw a few dollars his way. He's making a better world for us.

This is what David Reece had to say about the project: ... these kids are taking to boat building like seagulls to a bag of Cheetos. For those of you who love boats and sailing, you know how rare and rewarding it is when the younger generation gets excited about those things, too. Here is a group of kids from a tiny rural town in the mountains, willingly learning about boats, boat design, sailing, construction, woodworking, and nautical life.
The kind of skills they are learning are beyond my expectations. Not only manual skills, but highly transferable skills like problem solving and cooperation, resilience and creativity. When problems arise, these students confront them with the same determination and grit that you would expect from adults.
This is going to be transformative for them.

kayak paddle float

I made a Foam Kayak Paddle Float

This float will help me balance the kayak if I need to get back inside after a tip.

opossum tracks

How to recognize opossum tracks

How to recognize the odd little star shaped opossum tracks

dog tracks

I finally made myself a Clamp Rack

Finally after many years, I finally gave up the "chuck everything into a milk crate" school of clamp storage and made myself a rack. It's got wheels too!

dog tracks

How to tell the difference between dog and coyote tracks

Once you know what to look for, it's quite easy to tell the difference between dog and coyote tracks.

paracord bumper

What is paracord and how to make a small boat bumper

Paracord project are many and some are quite fun. Here I made a bumper for the Skerry. 2 versions. Softer and more gentle than most commercial versions.

sennit braid

How to braid a 4 strand round braid, sennit.

This is useful as a knife rope, dog leash braid, or any other round cord.

distillation apparatus

I tried my hand at distilling catnip essential oil.

gluing on the skegs

Gluing on the skegs

Making the Spars


Installing Gudgeons and Pintles on the Rudder Box

finishing hull

Finishing SCAMP hull bottom, sanding, glassing, sanding


Have you ever wondered how potentially Rabid animal bites are treated?

I was bitten by an unknown stray cat and got treated for potential rabies. Not much fun. Both cat and I survived.


I turned the Scamp over. Link to Video


Hawk eats Bird in my yard and is challenged by crows.

High drama in the backyard as 3 local crows come and check out a hawk eating a bird.

Houseboat plan page


Houseboats info page

puddle duck mast

Updated Puddle Duck Mast Page

I had broken my mast sailing in gusty conditions and I made a new square mast. Finally got around to showing the mast build. The mast is a Michael Storer design and has worked perfectly.

wood scraper

I bought a new scraper and I'm thrilled

In an effort to make cleaning up and finishing epoxy easier I got myself a new silicon carbide blade scraper. I'm thrilled with the stupid scraper. Go figure!

Added a whole lot of Motor Boat Plans

Added a whole lot of Canoe and Kayak Plans

Added a page of Multihull Boat Plans

Page about Multihulls

Why do cats pee in the house?

I had a spot of trouble with one of the cats. I quickly became an expert in Cat Pee.

How to find cat urine stains using a UV light

How to get rid of Cat Urine Smells (or dogs)

What do vets learn when the analyze your cat's urine?

Led lights

LED Lights

I made a light to help start seeds inside.

How much epoxy is needed to cover fiberglass cloth?

I was running out of epoxy and wondered if I would have enough to finish the hull or if I should order more.


I found a great local lumber mill

Located in the Niagara Region. It's always great fun to go on a field trip. I found good lumber for the gunwales of the SCAMP.

Comparison of characteristics of red oak and white oak

Can I use red oak for boatbuilding and what is the difference between red and white oak.

Table of Characteristics of red and white oak.

diatomaceous earth

Diatomaceous earth is one of the safest garden insecticide there is

What is it? How do you use it? How safe is it?

graphite powder

Graphite powder is often added to epoxy to make it more slippery

It is used on hulls of light boats and for parts that need to slide against each other such as centreboard and its case.

Knowing how to Heave-to could save your life

Heaving to is often the safest way to weather a storm if you can't get to a safe spot in time.

quiz about sail

So you Think you know everything about sails? Take my sail, rig and sailing quiz.

I've been playing with a simple Javascript quiz. Test your Knowledge, basic and otherwise.

Ticks and their control in Cats

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