building an apple pie boat


You've decided to try your hand at boatbuilding but need a bit of help, or you're not quite sure you have the skills, or you want a boat but don't know where to start. Here are some resources for the beginner or not so advanced boatbuilders from my website.

Steps all Boatbuilders go Through.

  1. Research and Decisions. This is where you survey your requirements, skill, preferences, family involvement, budget, and decide on a style of boat.
  2. Finding good Plans and instructions.
  3. Getting your materials together, suppliers, Material information.
  4. Building, finishing, building information and resources.
  5. Sails, Oars, Paddles, Motors?
  6. Enjoying, Learning to use your Boat

1- BOATBUILDING, Research and Decisions.

Do this properly BEFORE YOU BUILD YOUR BOAT and you will end up with a boat that will meet your needs and expectations.

Don't stress out too much. All boats are compromises. All boatbuilding involves deciding what are the most important factors and finding a suitable compromise and balance.

2-BOATBUILDING, Finding good plans and instructions.

There are countless boat designers offering plans. Some are great, others are not. Some plans are good but not suitable for YOUR boatbuilding project. How do you decide. If you have done your research in (1) you have identified what you expect your boat to be, what your budget is, what your skill level is, what tools you have and all these details. You are ready to get some plans.

Boatbuilding Plans

Boatbuilding Instruction



The actual building is pretty straight forward. Follow the instructions and if you have questions find someone to help you. In my case I had 3 main sources of support. My plans came from Chesapeake Light Craft and they were great an answering specific questions about their plans. I also was in regular contact with Yahoo groups for the Skerry and the Puddle Duck Racer folks, there are dozens of groups and the folks are often very helpful. A third place is the Wooden Boat Forum. That's where the big boys go and play and the beginners go and listen and learn. It's a fabulous forum and a great place to ask questions. The Australian Woodwork Forum has a boatbuilding section and great people. Bateau Support Forum

In this section I'm including my boatbuilding diaries. It's very useful to see how other people have solved their boatbuilding problems.



Have a look at the side links. I've put several links to boatbuilding diaries and blogs. Check out what others have done.

email me if you find mistakes, I'll fix them and we'll all benefit: Christine