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Anchor Bend

This knot, not too surprisingly, is used to tie a line to an anchor. HOWEVER this is not particularly good practice since anchoring is much more reliable if there is a length of chain. So the anchor bend is really used to tie a line to a chain that is attached to an anchor. it's quite secure in my experience but I generally leave a longer tail and put in a couple more half hitches just to be sure. it's not so easy to take apart particularly when the rope is wet. I guess that's what it's supposed to do. it's stronger than the Round turn and two half hitches but not as convenient to tie and take apart.

If you plan to anchor for a long time you should make a permanent metal grommet and use a shackle rather than a knot. A knot will weaken the line where it is tied. If you plan to anchor for several days check the knot and re tie it on a different spot on the rope to minimize chafe damage.

For more information on anchoring I have an article on Anchors and Anchoring.

Tying an Anchor Bend (Fisherman's Bend).

anchor bend knot

Whipping the ends together makes the anchor bend quite strong. Only practical if the line is quite permanent. Adding turns and hitches also strenghten the knot.

The Anchor Bend is one of my ten essential knots. Learn them and you will be able to tie just about everything on your boat.

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