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Why do cats not use the kitty litter and how to change this

"Why are my cats peeing in the house and not using the kitty litter?" is a common question and a difficult one to answer

It is a common problem and the most common reason otherwise healthy cats get euthanized.

Before you can stop your cat from peeing in the house you have to understand WHY he is doing it.

Some reasons why cats don't use the litter and some solutions

There are many reasons or combinations of reasons why a cat might not be using the litter to eliminate.

Health Problems

Problems with the Box, Litter, or Location

Sometimes the problem is as simple as the physical qualities of the kitty litter box or the texture or smell of the litter.

Sometimes not using the litter is about communication

Cats communicate a great deal by smell and peeing and marking are often signs that your cat is communicating something to you.

Mature male cat which are not neutered are very likely to spray and urinate outside the litter box. After all he has a lot to say.

Neutering a male cat before he starts peeing in the house and marking is a very good way of eliminating or at least greatly reducing the chances of marking.

If he's already started, getting him neutered will gradually reduce and possibly even eliminate the marking.

Gather information and then decide what to do

It's no easy task sometimes to figure out what is wrong. Often there might be several causes.

After eliminating health problems and cat litter preferences you can start observing the cat to figure out what is bothering it. Once you know you can act to reduce the "bad conditions".

Sometimes it's a simple fix, like adding another litter in a quiet spot.

Once bad habits are established it is hard to change them and it takes time. Like humans cats are not always keen on changing.

Books have been written about cat psychology and how to train and change their habits. This page provides a place to start.

Prozac for Cats!!

I read an interesting report on how a family and their vet solved a innappropriately peeing cat problem. Here is a link: Urine marking, inappropriate urination and status aggression in a domestic shorthair cat It's a very interesting read.

They prescribed the kitty equivalent of Prozac, fluoxetine, to the cat as a part of an extensive problem solving effort.

This article underlines the sometimes extensive thought and effort needed to successfully break a bad habit. Sometimes a small change fixes everything though.

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