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Boat Building Related Books

Part of the fun of boat building is learning how to do thing and figuring out how other people have solved the various problems. This page is a collection of books I have read or which sit in my library plus some that I would like to have read.

They are linked to I get a small referral fee if you buy them using this link. Helps keep the website up now that I am retired. If you can't see the links it's probably an ad blocker. Usually you can right click the image and allow it.

Some of these books will have plans or at least offsets to build boats. In this page I have collected book suggestions that I have made in other pages.

Books about Boat Building and Repair

These are mostly how to books from people who have designed or made boats. Dynamite Payson who built boats designed by Bolger, gives a practical no nonsense approach. Iain Oughtred's manual details the building technique for his spectacular traditionally inspired lapstrake boats.

Books about brightwork and painting

Everyone dreams of owning a yacht with miles of gleaming brightwork and flawless paint. Here is some help getting the technique and materials right. As far as the yacht, well check out my boat plan page!

Books about small Boats

The following books are about boats. Howard Chapelle and John Gardner are a great resource if you are interested in traditional boats. They include offsets and measurements and it is quite possible to build from these but you have to know what you are doing. These are great resources just for the fun of leaning about traditional small rowing and sailing crafts.

The last book is by Philip Bolger, it highlights his unusual designs, some would say ugly boats. This is a great read if you are interested in odd, practical and competent boats.

Books about sails, sail repair, and rigs

Are you interested in knowing how rigs affect boats. These books will answer questions. The Sailmaker's apprentice is a must read book. It is entertaining and gives practical information in the design and construction of traditional sails. It's a great reference to help you buy and maintain your sails. Lovely illustrations too.

Todd Bradshaw's book reflects his thoughts and experience as a sailmaker. He is active in the various boat forums and his lovely book is great fun and great information.

Bolger's book is very useful in understanding the qualities and faults of various small boat rigs.

Are you curious about Junk Rigs? These mysterious and complicated looking rigs have great qualities to recommend them.

Read for free online: 1843, The Art of Sailmaking as practised in The Royal Navy

1847, The Elements of Sailmaking, being a complete treatise on cutting out sails.

Sailrite offers some sailmaking booklets

Anchors and Anchoring books

Sailing and Decorative Knots

Ashley Book of Knots can be read online for free, at the website.

Books about Dories

Books about Epoxy and Using Composites

Boat Colouring Books, just for fun.

This information is for general knowledge. If you plan to build a boat, do your homework. Then enjoy yourself. The links for these boat related books point to I get a small referral fee if you buy through me. They look after the order, handle any payment in their usual safe way and look after shipping and returns if necessary. I make about 10 dollars a month these days. I'm keeping my day job. It's an experiment.

I try to be accurate and check my information, but mistakes happen.

email me if you find mistakes, I'll fix them and we'll all benefit: Christine