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Free Plans and Instructions for
Simple Oars

These free oar plans and instructions are offered as I found them on the web. Since Spark Geissler has gracefully put them out with permission to distribute, here they are.

These plans are provided free for all to use and distribute and are not for sale. They were created as my thanks to Jacques Mertens of and all builders who take the time to post and help others in the Bateau forums ... Simple Oars by Spark Geissler is a great resource for plans and instructions including a few free plans. The forum is a lively and helpful site to get boat building help.

Some Assembly Images

Oar Hardware Considerations

Oarlocks and Hardware

There are 4 types of oar locks - ribbed, round, north river and clamped. Ribbed and round will require oarlock safety chains so you don't drop them into the water. They will also need oar buttons to keep them in position and leathers to protect them from wear.

The North River type keep the oarlock in position and the oar perpendicular to the water. The advantage of the clamp-on oarlock is that they are moveable until you can find a position that is comfortable for you. They also keep the oarlock in position and the oar perpendicular to the water.

There are 3 basic types of oarlock sockets - edgemount, sidemount and topmount. For most of the Bateau boats, you'll probably use the edgemount or sidemount. The edgemount may provide more horizontal sheer strength as it is screwed from the top and sides.

All of these parts also usually come in stainless, bronze, brass, or zinc-coated.

email me if you find mistakes, I'll fix them and we'll all benefit: Christine