Free plans to a Drift Sock / Drogue. Free plan from an old magazine
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Drogue / Drift Sock Plans

I ran across this drogue / drift sock plan in an old magazine. It seems like a resonable plan. It's intended use is as a drift sock for fishermen but I think it would work well as a drogue for a small sailboat.

I think I would substitute brass grommets and heavy duty nylon fabric for the canvas and aluminium grommets though. Here is an link to nylon fabric. It is sometimes called ballistic nylon too. Heavy duty nylon

Here is a link to 1/2 inch Brass grommets

drogue, drift sock

This pattern is offered for information and entertainment. I have not built it so I cannot comment on it. If you build it test it carefully before using in a critical application.

email me if you find mistakes, I'll fix them and we'll all benefit: Christine