toronto zombie walk banner for 2013

Part 2- 2013 Toronto Zombie Walk
& Halloween Parade

So many good photos, this is part 2 of my Toronto Zombie Walk page. Part 1 is here

Missing teeth 2 witches harlequins

Toronto zombie parade is great fun. Some people go all out and take days to prepare elaborate costumes (we did) while others grab some blood and away they go. It's great fun.

pan angel costume pan bowtie on zombie wizard of oz

Spectacular figure in wings and fur. Cloven hooves even make for a remarkable costume. A bit cold for 8 Centigrade though. He is wearing stilts that really make him stand out in the crowd.

hammer and guts skeleton face bloody bride umbrella Zombie zombie with bullet zombie chauffeurzombie dogsharlequinsscary facegreen traincheese pleaseboarat in bathing suitDavey Jonesbarnacle facesevered headdarth vader detail of barnacle face red jesters jester costumes

That's me in barnacles and shells. It takes a couple of hours to get everything on and made up. Details of my costume here.

resting bloody-face green-face swamp creature killer jellyfish zombie snorkler
link to more zombie picturesMore Images from the 2013 Toronto Zombie walk here

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