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How Well did the cover work?

Completed new winter cover for my keelboat

The cover was a resounding success. I came down on several occasions to check the boats and the cover held up very well Snow just slides off the poly tarp and since the whole structure sort of moves in the wind, any snow gets blown off.

photo of boat cover with a lot of snow

I had to remove snow only once when we had a very wet and heavy snowfall which piled up. It accumulated between the back ribs and bulged towards the inside. It distorted the cover some and pulled the tarp. One of the grommets was pulled out. I got there before any real damage had been done and shovelled and pushed the snow off. The snow was very heavy and wet and I eventually had to push it off from the inside.

photo of boat cover with a lot of snow

The frame which had bent out of shape gradually bounced back and I had no other trouble. I was happy I had added the extra supports with the extra left over pipes. They acted like tent poles and prevented the structure from falling inwards.

That was the only time I had to remove snow and it was a snowy winter. The tarp was tired at the end of the winter and although there are no holes it has a brittle feel. I don't think it will survive another winter. Luckily Canadian Tire has tarp sales in the fall but not always a very good choice. I've added some links on sidebar for tarps.

With a good quality heavy duty tarp I can get at least 2 years so it's probably cheaper than using a light duty tarp. The clear ones are not very good at uv protection either so a more opaque, silver tarp is better protection.

Next fall I will add an extra 2 ribs to eliminate this problem.

There was a lot of rain in the spring and the inside got humid. It was not really wet just slightly damp. Next fall I will have to think of a way to ventilate better without letting snow in.

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Small Print

This information is for general knowledge. I don't suggest that this is the only way or the best way to cover your boat. This is the first year I cover my boat using PVC so I will report in the spring. Use your head and do your research.