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Crossing Lake Ontario and Going Through the Welland Canal to Port Colborne and on to Crystal Beach.

In 2014, I moved and had to get my Tanzer 22 keelboat from Toronto (on lake Ontario) to Crystal Beach (on lake Erie). I could have had it professionally moved but I felt I had enough experience with my boat to actually take it over by water. I decided to sail it across the Lake Ontario and to Navigate the Welland Canal to Port Colborne. From there it is an easy sail to Crystal Beach where I will be keeping my boat.

This article is partly to document my trip and partly to fill in the gaps in information available for the small, not really experienced, boat owner like me.

I've separated the trip in 5 pages, that way you can jump to the part that interests you more easily. I also have a lot of photos and they take time to load if I put them all on one page.

  1. Getting Ready to Cross Lake Ontario What do you need. What should you know. Is your boat ready. I had never crossed the Lake and the prospect was scary to me.
  2. Our Crossing of Lake Ontario. Navigating to St. Catharines and Port Dalhousie which are not visible from Toronto, was not obvious to me.
  3. Getting ready to go through the Welland Canal Useful Info. Before we went through we had a lot of questions and finding information was difficult. Some useful links and some of the things we found out.
  4. Going through the Canal to Port Colborne (lots of photos). This is a day I will never forget.
  5. Port Colborne to Crystal Beach was a pleasant trip.
  6. Photos I Took of Welland Canal Some good photos

The Welland Canal is primarily geared to the safe and efficient passage of Commercial ships. Pleasure crafts often have to wait and give way to larger boats. Understanding the rules and procedures and being prepared can make the crossing pleasant and interesting.

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As in any sailing, many things can happen. If you decide to cross lake Ontario and go through the Welland Canal, make sure you and your boat are ready, have all the safety stuff in place and have a reliable crew. Bad things can happen. Enjoy but be prepared for trouble.