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Photos from Welland Canal

I moved to Fort Erie. I moved my Tanzer 22 by sailing her across Lake Ontario, going through the Welland Canal, and sailing her from Port Colborne to Crystal Beach.

It's hard to show the grandiose scale of the Locks. Photos are accurate but don't tell the whole story.

The noise, echoes, smell, spray, shouted instructions, seagull screams all vanish. You will have to add them with your imagination. It's an experience I will never forget.

toronto skyline lighthouse sunrise

Toronto gradually sank below the horizon but never completely disappeared. It looked foreign and creepy. Sunset and Sunrise in Port Dalhousie.

red boat cormorants

Bright Red Ship anchored outside Welland Canal. Cormorants sunning themselves at the entrance marker.

ship lock

Hamilton Energy is a fuel ship. It came into the Port area and moored against a tanker. Filling up?. Back door of the Lock half full already.

door lock

Photos don't show the scale of the locks very well. I felt very small.

door lock

We wait outside a lock for a ship to come out. It inches forward and we get the green light to come in.

cable lock

Cable shows the limit of swing for the door. Some of the big ships have almost no clearance. When a ship passes the water behind is left very turbulent and pushes small boats like mine around.

cable lock

Water rushes in to fill empty lock.

cable lock

Motoring away from a bridge as it lowers back into position. Water is quiet and flat after Lock 7

cable abino point

Port Colborne entrance finally, Lake Erie, later, Point Abino lighthouse gleaming in the sunshine, then Crystal Beach.