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Watercolour sketches painted
outside of class

This page is about the paintings I've been doing. I just moved and have not been painting for several months. No more lessons for me now. I'm a bit rusty after a few months but I'll get back into the swing.

Last year I was taking lessons and here are a few experiments done in 2013 outside of class.

Lake Erie Landscape

landscape in watercolour landscape in watercolour landscape in watercolour

Went for a walk and took a photo of Lake Erie at the bottom of my street. In each of the sketches I try to emphasize different aspects of the image. I liked my colours.

Sketching in the Yard


I have not painted flowers for a while. I went out in the afternoon and sketched in the back yard. Painted the little asters.

I will do them again and see what happens.

Jack in the Pulpit

jack in the pulpitjack in the pulpit

Jack in the pulpit is quite a complex shape. I was delighted to find a whole lot of them in the back yard woods.

I think I will paint it again with no background noise. My first sketch on the right

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