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Photographs taken in Toronto

Some murals and textures that have caught my eye. I like the wild murals that crop up on garages and overpasses.

photos of rocks from Toronto dried mud photograph

Interesting Textures

Somebody's carefully tended rock garden, and definitely not tended dried mud puddle.

photos of train mural in Scarborough Toucan mural

2 Murals

Going to the Scarborough Gem and Mineral show I noticed a forgotten little mural by the train station. On the right someone had fun with their garage near my Home.

photos of flowers with a finger photos ventilation pipes

Photos of Flowers and Ventilation Pipes with Attitude

Strongly opinionated flowers near my House and a Curious Ventilation pipes.

sunset through sailboat masts shadow of tree on garage

Photos live and Die by the Light

My Boat Club the TS&CC is witness to spectacular sunsets. Simple photo of a good shadow.

Dock Photos sunsetover humber bay

The colours of the sunsets are not photoshopped. This is what it looked like. I usually carry a camera and sometimes I get lucky and score a nice picture.

All these photos are taken in Toronto. The boat and water ones are from my boat club, the TS&CC.

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