tall ships

Tall Ships in Toronto, 2013

The visit of the tall ships is linked to the War of 1812 commemoration. I was more interested in the boats than the War but the Redpath Waterfront Festival festival website is useful for more information, It also has detailed information on the boats under THE FLEET tab. Each boat has specs plus a link and photos

I visited some of the tall ships and took many photos of the rigging and details. It's not hard to find photos of the tall ships in full magnificent sail but close ups of the details is harder to come by. Think of it as Boat Porn for sailors.

Most of the boats are used as teaching ships. An exception is Liana's Ransom which is a cruise boat, and Peacemaker, a true wooden ship which aims to be a "representation of peace and unity". It could not be visited when I went.

Since tall ships were built of wood they did not survive for long and most of the tall ships here are reproductions. Niagara, although original has undergone so many renovations not much is original.

SØRLANDET is the oldest full-rigged ship in the world still in operation. It was built in 1927. It has a steel hull.


Tall Ship sorlandet vspace=

I took this photo rowing in my little Skerry. My boat club is about 11 kilometres from there. I had blisters by the time I had rowed back to the club.

Seeing the tall ships really drives home what "Knowing the ropes" really means.

There are a whole lot of videos made on Sorlandet showing how to do various manoeuvres in tall ships. It's really interesting to see and get an idea of the complexity of sailing these ships. Here is a link to one of these: How to sail a Full Rigged Ship video. There is a whole series, just do a search in Youtube, if they don't show up.

lots of lines on ship stays

The 2 large balls on each side of the compass are there to keep the compass accurate. It balances the influence of other steel and iron things.

Turks head knots wooden blocks

All the ships blocks were wood. some with bronze wheels inside but others only wood.

ship's bell baggywrinkle

The fluffy chafing gear on the right is called a BAGGYWRINKLE.

capstan bowsprit

Capstan with anchor in background, and bowsprit on right.

fish tails dinghy

Large Fish tail collection tucked away in a corner. Dinghy with Turk's head knots acting as bumpers.

cannon sail

Detail of the sail. This is one of the triangular fore sails. The cloth was synthetic with machine stitching but finished by hand. The little cannon makes a convincing noise and a satisfying amount of smoke.

I will be posting a whole lot more photos in the next 2 days. To be continued...

Wooden blocks from the tall ship photos. Eye Candy!

I try to be accurate and check my information, but mistakes happen, especially to me.

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