What are These Sparrows Doing?
Mystery Bird Behaviour

sparrows clinging to wall in winter

February 10, it's very cold, no sun, very windy. The little sparrows are going to the wall clinging to it and sort of pecking at ???

There is no liquid water, It's not warmer against the windy wall, and the wall is not crumbling. There are old crumbly walls nearby and the birds are not interested.

There is no food there, besides I have a bird feeder and everyone is well fed. So they are not particularly hungry.

close up of birds clinging to brick

The wall is not wet, there is no mineral leaching out. There are nice trees nearby that offer shelter to many birds. There is no predator that I can see, and besides there are other birds flying around. Is this a birdie equivalent to wall climbing. A bird dare?? They are not fighting or chasing each other.

SO WHAT ARE THE SPARROWS DOING??? No food, no sex, no obvious aggression, no threat.

Email me if you know.

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