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Sheet Bend

Here are 2 variations of the sheet bend. It a knot that is used to join 2 ropes together. The first sheet bend is used for ropes of unequal size. The Second is for lines that are similar in size

Tying a Sheet Bend when the Lines are different Size

Sheet Bend

The smaller line goes around twice the larger line and this gives a better hold. The knot is sometimes called a double Sheet Bend.

Sheet Bend

Tying a Sheet Bend when
the Lines are Similar in Size

It is important to make sure in both versions of the knot that the 2 short ends end up on the same side of the knot.

I use this knot when I tie the tarp around my boats on land. I never have enough long pieces of line and use the sheet bend to lengthen the bits of rope I have. I have a lot of practice using this knot!

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