Toronto Skyline from the water

Photographs taken when I'm on my boat, sailing or rowing

Boat cleaning day
touring sailboat
toronto skyline
Toronto airport ferry
harbourfront boats
Out of the mist
Tour boat
Spectacular sunset
OC6 outrigger
M.R.Kane Tugboat
muddy water
birds on a log

I always have my camera when I'm at the boat club or on my boats

The colour of the lake is never the same. It goes from cold glum grey to sparkling Caribbean blue. There are spectacular sunsets.

There is a small airport on the Western side of the Toronto islands. It is separated by a difficult passage, the "Western Gap".

The wind is confused and chop terrible. There is quite alot of traffic that churns up wakes. It's always a challenge to get through. Usually it's best to start up the motor or use the oars on the Skerry. The Airport Ferry adds another hazard.

I often run into odd and unusual boats. The Square sail is a training boat. It gets moored at Harbourfront. Kids do stages on it and learn to maintain and sail her.

This tall ship appeared out of the fog one day when I was quietly making my way across Humber bay. I did not notice it till it was quite close. It was the most extraordinary thing to look across and see this pirate ship coming out of the mist and aiming straight at me. I expected cannons.

The tour boat puts up square sails but also uses a motor. I've often run into it while sailing my Skerry.

The sunset was amazing and lasted for a long time. The clouds were very low and it looked like the sky was on fire behind the Humber river bridge.

The Outrigger canoe is one of 2 large outriggers that lives at our club, it was battling huge winds. Because it's inside the breakwall there were no waves but they were fighting.

The Tugboat was laying mooring blocks for our club. A tremendous storm had moved them around.

It's nice to look at boats in the winter when everything is frozen and gray. The memory of the strong wind, exciting waves or peaceful water help carry me to the spring.

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