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I moved my Tanzer 22 from Toronto to Crystal Beach on Lake Erie through the Welland Canal

In these 5 pages I give information that I wish I had had before I left and talk about the trip.

  1. Getting Ready to Cross Lake Ontario. What do you need. What should you know. Is your boat ready. I had never crossed the Lake and the prospect was scary to me.
  2. Our Crossing of Lake Ontario. Navigating to St. Catharines and Port Dalhousie which are not visible from Toronto, was not obvious to me.
  3. Getting ready to go through the Welland Canal Useful Info. Before we went through we had a lot of questions and finding information was difficult. Some useful links and some of the things we found out.
  4. Going through the Canal to Port Colborne (lots of photos). This is a day I will never forget.
  5. CURRENT PAGE Port Colborne to Crystal Beach was a pleasant trip.
  6. Photos I Took of Welland Canal Some good photos

Sailing from Port Colborne to Crystal Beach

Port Colborne entrance and breakwall

On my way to Crystal Beach, the last leg of my trip. The distance is only about 20 km and the water is very calm.

There is almost no wind and it is coming from the West behind me. It looks like another motoring day.

I don't really mind, I'm in no rush so I will run slowly and quietly.

Rescue boat

As I make my way East I meet a rescue boat coming in. In the background there is a large ship making her way to the entrance of the Welland canal. Way out in the distance I can see another one.

I could not find a chart of the Port Colborne area and I know there are shallow spots so I will stay away from shore.

Shore Cottages

All along the shore there is a sand ridge. I can see a section has a cluster of little cottages and a lovely beach.

The air is almost still and the sun is shining. It is very hot.

abino point

In the distance I can see Abino Point and its lighthouse. On the other side is Crystal Beach.

There is a red marker a distance from the lighthouse. I don't think it is a good idea to sail inside so I go around. There are lots of stories of running aground so I'm careful. The water is almost blue as I look down.

crystal Beach

I pull up to my new club in Crystal Beach, get my mooring and go settle my little boat.

The water is lovely, I can see lots of big and small fish, and the birds are all around. Summer in Canada eh!

Well pleased with myself and my little Boat, I meet my Sweetie who has come to get me and we go home.

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This article is provided for information and entertainment only. I am not an expert on sailing or navigation. Use your head and have fun.