Oscar's Story

Beautiful and Quirky Oscar rules his World!

Oscar the cat perched on cat tree

Oscar chose us rather than the other way round. This beautiful blue cat had obviously been someones pet but much neglected. He was often quite desperately hungry and in need of sheltering. Thin and unthrifty he explained to me in his insistant voice that he wanted to adopt me. I was the stupid one and did not quite get it.

His persistance and patience paid off. At the end of November, after a Summer spent feeding him when he was hungry, the hope that he would show signs of finding his people had faded and I finally got his message and opened the door. Oscar walked in and took over.


No one can talk of Oscar adjusting, he just took over. It was obvious he knew just what he wanted and quickly became top cat. A job he has kept till now. Read about the rest of the pride

In spite of his invincible self confidence he is a nervous little flower and will jump and run first then come back. He is skitterish and jumpy but never fearful!

Oscar in the stairs

Oscar has the most stunning fur colour and in the right light looks like he is silver coloured. His eyes are clear green-gold.

Oscar is a loving animal and his first impulse is always to make friends. He has adopted all the kittens we fostered and took great pains to clean them and look after them. He responds to their calls and will go and check on them.

This cat is as close to a watch cat as it gets and he will growl and warn us when people come to the door.

One day Oscar decided I needed to learn a new trick and showed me how to play fetch. We now play this game often. It starts with a huge amount of caterwauling. Oscar then appears with a toy mouse, a pompom, or a ball in his mouth. He places it at my feet and tells me to throw it for him. This I do and he takes off to retrieve it. This can go on for an hour.

Like many cats Oscar likes the lazer pointer, unlike many he has never tired of it.

Oscar is a very smooth operator, if he wants to sit on my lap, he doesn't just jump up, rather he S L O W L Y comes up and very carefully and quietly sits where he wants to go. Many times I don't even notice until I have a big grey cat on my lap purring happily, with no memory of how he got there. I swear sometimes he just materializes there.

cleaning a kitten

He uses the same technique to get on the bed on top of me. He likes to cuddle on my legs and I find him heavy and try to discourage him from it. I have watched him waiting till the light had gone out and I had settled down. He then levitates onto the bed (I swear he doesn't jump) and carefully pads onto his chosen spot. Downright sneaky he is.

Although he doesn't like noise, he comes to greet the kids when they visit. He loves the attention and is very patient and understanding.

Just when I think I have figured him out, he surprises me. He came to see me in a state of great agitation. Something was wrong! Finally I just followed him and he led me to the garage where Winston was locked in. I don't thin he could have been in there for more than half an hour but uncle Oscar was on the lookout and saved him!

Oscar is the Alpha male and keeps careful order in his world. He is quick to put down any rebellion or challenge but does it with restraint and dignity. Under his control we have completely eliminated marking wars and fighting. He gets respect and yet no one is really afraid of him. All leaders should be like him. We still get the odd scuffle but no ongoing fights. Read how Oscar maintains his Top Cat status and how I help him.

oscar and red cat

We have moved to the country and Oscar is allowed to go out for a few hours during the day. He loves to go and explore and of all my cats, is the only one who has had any success hunting. He has developed an obsession with mice and has managed to catch quite a number from inside the house. He has also caught several outside. We have a phenomenal population of voles that have shredded the grass and pruned the garden. These he brings to me with great pride. Mercifully he has not been interested in birds or chipmunks.

I keep all the cats in at night because I want to avoid them getting eaten by the coyotes, and I want to reduce their hunting time. Cats can really do a lot of damage if they go after birds and I'm trying to reduce their impact. Luckily Oscar is obsessed with mice and the others are very bad hunters. Most of my cats are over 14 so they are getting slower.

After an amazing Spring and Summer spent chasing mice from morning to evening (he once brought me 6 mice in one day and that's not counting the ones he kept and ate) he started looking unwell. His x-ray showed a tumour in his lungs. He is buried by Lulu under a tree.

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