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Walk in Etienne Brulé Park along the Humber River

old mill stone bridge

The Old mill is now part of a hotel/meeting centre. The mill was used for many things including lumber. Old Mill Bridge which spans the Humber River was erected in 1916. When I row in the Humber river I can get as far as about 200 feet from the bridge in summer.

round-goby sign sign about coyotes in etienne brule park

2 Wildlife warning signs. One warning about the Round Goby which are an aggressive little fish taking over native species and one sign warning about coyotes.

jumping fish trout jumped over

Rainbow trout are jumping over the dam. It is there to help stop lamprey from migrating up river. While I was watching a few only got over the dam. The short video is of one who made it. The water trail on the right is another fish rushing on after jumping the rapids. I counted about 5 in half an hour getting over. They were big fish.

Besides keeping the lamprey down river, the dam keeps a small lake filled. Its much nicer than the small summer stream at that level of the river. It keeps a larger basin of water for fish and waterfowl. We have had massive rainfalls in the last while so there is more water than usual flowing down the Humber river.

dam on Humber river upstream from dam

The mouth of the Humber River is often quite rough. This is because the waves bounce off the breakwall and west shore and make very confused water particularly for small boats. Once the bridge is passed then the river settles down and it's a very pleasant paddle or row up the Humber river to Etienne Brule Park.

humber river bridge Strong waves

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