Gwenneth's Story

Henry, my grandson, tells us about his cat Gwenny

Gwenny eating my plants Gwenny likes to eat grass, and to eat my grandma's house plant. She sneaked into the garden room for a snack.

first snow

Gwenneth is saying Yeah! I'm pretending that the house is flooded and Gwenneth is in the cupboard and not getting wet!

Elegant on carpet.After working hard Gwenny likes to rest. She sleeps in many good places. One of her favourite places to sleep is on the carpet. It's nice and warm.

Gwenny likes treats. That's why she is rolly-polly.

She has good hiding spots. She likes to sneak behind the coat rack and watches people come in because it is next to the door.

She is thinking I'm at home and all safe and I look very good on this carpet.

In the garden.

Gwenny likes to chase a stick. If I move it around she pounces it and tries to bite it. She likes to run to the last house before the alley then runs back to the house.

Gwenny is smiling because she is smelling the flowers at my grandma's house.

Rolling in Dirt

Gwenneth likes to snuggle up to me and in the morning she comes and wakes me up.

Gwenny on cupboard

Gwenneth likes to go into the back yard and when we are playing she watches us. When we swim in the pool she stays in the house and watches us. She does NOT like swimming.

I love Gwenneth!

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