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Free Plywood Pram Plans

The pram is built on a simple form. The bow and transom form remain to be the actual boat.

I have scanned and clarified the pages with the magic of Photoshop. I have also re typed or enlarged most of the dimensions. The original had fairly fuzzy images and scanning did not improve clarity. Because of the large size of the images needed to be legible I have split the plan in several pages. [PAGE 1] [PAGE 2 is the current page] [PAGE 3]

It is possible to modify this pram to be made using the stitch and glue method. If you choose to do this remember to fillet the seams AND you must fiberglass the boat otherwise it will not be strong enough.

image of pram plan

The bill of materials is repeated below so it is clearer

Free pram plan image assembly photo

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I don't claim to be an expert, I'm a fan though. If you want to build a boat do your homework first, learn to use the tools, make a model, work safely. These plans are offered as is. I have not tested them nor do I endorse them.