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Making a Double Bowline

The double bowline is slightly more secure than a traditional bowline

Tying a double bowline

To tie the double bowline start by making a double loop (go around the pond twice) then bring the otter out and around the tree back into the pond in the same way as the regular bowline. THEN bring the working end back and under through the loop that goes around the tree where the red dotted line is. Tighten and tidy the knot. It will hold much better. If you want you can leave a longer tail and put a hitch around the tree. I've never had it come undone

I keep a piece of line in my desk and practice new knots. Eventually I remember. I'm not a gifted knot maker but I've learned a dozen or so that seem to do the job.

It's possible to tie a bowline without having access to the ends. It makes a couple of loops in a line that don't slide and can be used to attach a block or other bit. it's then called a Bowline on a Bight

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