some of my costumes

Wizard Costumes are Great to Wear
Here is how I made mine.

Wizard Costume, Materials

Before you go shopping to find materials for your wizard costume think about what the effect you want to create.

I wanted a rich layered look that draped and swayed when I walked.

This meant rich fabrics such as velvets or brocades.

If I had planned to stay inside I would have used lighter fabrics but still rich looking and textured.

Wizard Costume

Click on the image to see larger version of the costume and some details.

This costume is made from remnants I bought in the upholstery department of the fabric store. The coat and the hat have fabrics have a rubbery backing which gives the fabric stiffness and more body than it would have by its own. The backing also prevents unraveling. The inner tunic is also upholstery fabric which is quite stiff but not backed.

These were all fabrics that I had left over from other projects. Upholstery fabric is often quite wide which makes it surprisingly economical particularly as a remnant.

You will need also lining material if your fabric is not very stiff, and to line the inside of the hat. You will also need braid to decorate the coat. I had this cheap upholstery braiding which worked well enough without being great.

Finally you will need false hair. This is sold in many shops and drugstores. Its very cheap hair extension material. It cost me less than 5 dollars for 2 packages. If you can't find this use acrylic yarn or unraveled sisal rope or similar fibers. It helps to mix a couple of colours together. My hair is actually white with some black strands. This makes it look more realistic.

Parts of the Wizard Costume

The costume is made of 3 pieces. The outer coat, the hat, and the inner tunic.

Wizard Costume, coat Wizard hatWizard Costume tunic



The main accessories of the Wizard Costume are a wand and a staff.

Wizard wandWizard Costume staff
Wizard Costume staff

The wizard wand and the staff are important accessories. You could get away with just a staff, or just a wand but more is better!

The wand is a piece of doweling I whittled and sanded. I wrapped the handle with brass wire and stained the wood with dark walnut stain. I also decorated the wand with gold paint.

The staff is a piece of lumber I cut down to octagon shape and wrapped with copper wire. I had a bit of electrical wire and just stripped the insulation off. The wire is attached by drilling a couple of holes and sticking the ends in the hole then wrapping the wire around the staff. The end of the wire gets tucked in the other hole and this keeps the wire on, and the sharp ends out of the way.

There are no rules just have fun.

Other accessories you can use is a belt, or a sash of some kind. You could have things dangling from the sash such as a money pouch or even your wand. I have a leather thong that I use to tie the wand to the belt. Otherwise its a nuisance to always have a wand in one hand and a staff in the other.You will also want a medallion of some kind on a chain or leather rope. I put a broach on the hat and wore rings on my fingers. The clunkier the better.

email me if you find mistakes, I'll fix them and we'll all benefit: Christine