Cloud Photos all taken in 1/2 hours period

All the photos on this page were taken in the span of a half hour after a cold front went by. This is Toronto July 2013. What an amazing show it was too. I'm including a frame capture of the images as they came off the camera to show that Photoshop had nothing to do with the amazing range of colour and shapes. I resized the photos but very little else.

Cloud photos after a stormCloud photos after a storm

The sky went from fierce grey to pinky to brilliant unreal mars like yellows and red and then gradually went to pink and grey as the sun set.

Cloud photos after a stormCloud photos after a storm

During all this, lightning could be seen further South along with the rumbling and booming of thunder.

Cloud photos after a stormCloud photos after a storm

For an amazing 10 minutes everything was a golden colour. Gradually this gold shifted to brilliant reddy orange. I expected angels or spaceships to come out of the clouds. The glow reflected to the ground and everything was pink and orange.

Cloud photos after a stormCloud photos after a storm

The clouds were so dramatic they reminded me of the Northern Quebec church I used to go when I was a kid. There was a series of Italian paintings on the walls. Saints floated in them in apparent comfort. I later found out the paintings were quite famous but a 10 year old is not easily impressed when it comes to Art.

pink flash as another layer goes by.Clouds

The cloud show went on for about a half hour. There were several different layers rushing by at varying speeds showing a wild combination of light and colours. At one point the sky was full of round clouds looking just like cotton balls, then they passed on.

Cloud photos just before sunsetCloud photos after a storm

Finally the colours faded but the wild shapes remained as the sun set and the thunder rumbling grew less.

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