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Cleat Hitch

The CLEAT HITCH is another of my MUST KNOW knots. I use it many times every time I sail and every time I tie up at the dock.

It's useful to tie the tender to the boat. I tie up the halyards to the mast using a Cleat Hitch.

I've never had it fail but If I'm worried I just add a couple of extra hitches if there is any extra rope left over.

Tying a Cleat Hitch

making a cleat hitch

Learn the cleat hitch, it's really useful. Plus it's fast once you get it.

I'm always surprised to see how few people can do the hitch quickly and easily.

Although this knot is fairly secure it should be reinforced by a few more loops if the hitch is to be left un-attended for a long time. When mooring a boat in wavy conditions, the continuous pull and slack can loosen the cleat hitch. It is much more reliable when continuous pressure is applied. I use this knot on my swing mooring and it has never come undone.

I have an 18 inch length of light line attached to the cleat and if my boat is going to be left for some time, or if conditions are particularly bad, I tie the knot down to make it very hard to come loose by itself.

The knot, if tied correctly, is often described as 2 rivers flowing under one bridge.

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Small Print

Improper use of knots can be dangerous. Know how to tie them properly and what knot to use when.