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Chloe Cat enjoys an Outside Enclosure.

Robin has created this safe outside play room for her gorgeous cat Chloe

Cats love to be outside but there are many dangers lurking. Most adoption agencies will expect you to keep your cat inside. Robin has created a special spot for her cat to go play outside. This lucky kitty has an elevated cat door leading to an outside corridor. This little passage opens to a play room set up just for her.

She plans to add more shelves and grass and plants in the spring.

Since the cat enclosure is completely covered in wire mesh Chloe is safe while birdwatching and enjoying the outside.

Outside mesh cat enclosureThe top is covered with a translucent white tarp and the inside is furnished with a cat shelter, toys and shelves. If the weather was really bad or very windy, the tarp could be added on the side to give more protection.

A human door makes it easy to go in to clean and just go in and hang out with the cat.

End view of cat enclosure

pretty persian cat
Lucky persian cat
cat door Inside View of cat door on right. Branches hide the covered cat corridor that leads to the cat enclosure.

Earl Allen of Earl's Handyman Service, Bothell, Washington, USA, built this enclosure.

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