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Tying a Bowline on a Bight Knot

A BIGHT is a loop of rope. It is the middle part of the rope as opposed to the ends.

Sometimes you need to make a solid loop in a line and can't access the ends. A Bowline on a bight makes a couple of loops that don't slide. It can be used to attach something on the middle of a line. It does not tighten or slide around.

Tying a bowline on a bight

It starts off like a regular bowline knot but when the loop come out it goes down around the bottom loop and gets pulled up over the knot to the top.

Link to double bowline.

Another simple way of making a loop in the middle of a line is Farmer's loop

I have some pages about materials used in ropemaking also trade names of ropes. So far I have Nylon, polypropylene, Aramid, HMPE, Paracord, and A Rope Material Comparison

My Ten Must Know Knots

These are 10 knots that I think are essential for all sailors to know.

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