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Tying a Bowline Knot

The Bowline has been called the King of Knots. It's probably the first knot that you learn if you take a sailing course. I use it in many places. It's pretty much my go-to knot. It ties my painter onto the ring at the bow of my boat. A bowline secures a line on the clew of my Tanzer 22 keel boat mainsail so I can pull it out tight. It's a nice all purpose knot that can be untied if it's not been tightened for too long. The loop doesn't tighten after the knot is tied.

Tying a bowline

My father taught me the knot using the story of the otter. The loop is a pond and the line going towards the top is a tree. The working end of the line is the otter. The otter is swimming underwater and comes out of the pond, walks around the tree and slips back into the water.

The bowline can come loose if there is no tension on the knot and the rope is slippery. If I'm worried I will use a double bowline.

It's possible to tie a bowline without having access to the ends. It makes a couple of loops in a line that don't slide and can be used to attach a block or other bit. It's then called a Bowline on a Bight

In the unlikely event that a stronger knot is required, a Double Bowline can be used

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